Sparrowhawk Services

With a combined EXPERIENCE of more than 100 years managing multi-venue MEGA-EVENTS, Sparrowhawk’s team provides end-to-end SOLUTIONS, leading the International Event industry in INNOVATION and EXPERTISE.

SPARROWHAWK provides BESPOKE event solutions for every scale and budget – from conventions to HIGH PROFILE, media-intense Mega-Event OPERATIONS.

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Bus System Design and Delivery

Sparrowhawk delivers custom-built bus systems for events of any size in any location around the world.


 Sparrowhawk’s experience includes designing and operating bus systems for large multi-system, high-profile, media-intense Events. We have planned and operated bus fleets excess of 1500 vehicles, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Sparrowhawk’s comprehensive access to bus fleets in a variety of markets offers ease of procurement and cost efficiency, and our network of motor coach operators offer professional, safe and reliable services. 


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Recruitment placement and training programs

Providing staff the skills they need to execute their primary roles and to support contingency plans when required.


 A well-trained workforce is the foundation of an efficient operation. Sparrowhawk believes in integrating world-class experience with local talent to generate the strongest and most cost-effective workforce solutions.

Our bespoke training programs maximize staff through cross-utilization, ensuring personnel respond efficiently and professionally in the fluid environment of the Event world, mitigating risks, controlling costs and providing effective operations.

Our training programs focus on providing the skills staff members need to be safe and effective in their primary roles and to seamlessly implement contingency plans when required. 


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Fleet systems

Whether managing 20 vehicle or more than 6000, Sparrowhawk’s unique solutions will help your event succeed.


 While a well-run fleet system can offer enormous travel flexibility, this function is often a major risk area. Insurance, driver reliability, and even key management can create serious operational problems.

Our expertise spans from managing small fleets of 20 vehicles to large operations with more than 6000 vehicles. Our processes – including limiting fleet access to a small vetted team and proven driver recruiting and training programs — are proven to succeed. 


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Traffic Management

Logical and cost-effective venue-specific traffic management plans


 Drawing upon our vast experience in managing complex issues to achieve logical and cost-effective plans, we begin with a venue-specific traffic management plan, which takes into account vehicular as well as pedestrian routing. Sound integration with law enforcement and other stakeholders is a critical part of our success.

Our traffic management staff are properly licensed, trained and equipped personnel, making positive impressions and allowing for safe, effective and flexible traffic operations. Throughout the traffic management process, we offer a shared vision of success, providing the tools needed for operational adaptability. 


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Park-and-Ride Design and Operations

Sparrowhawk has vast experience designing and operating Park-and-Ride services for a variety of major Events.  We are adept at scoping services, designing Park-and-Ride facilities, forecasting resource requirements, and delivering operations.

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Operational Readiness Reviews

Sparrowhawk prepares transportation management teams for operational success while ensuring budgets benefit from efficiencies gained in staffing, space and equipment.


 Our testing programs and readiness exercises prepare teams for operations while ensuring maximum utilization of equipment, space, and workforce resources. As part of our Operational Readiness Review Program, we examine each customer group’s transportation mode from end-to-end, identifying gaps and overlaps in services and resources, ensuring integration among delivery partners. Using our customized scenario tests, Sparrowhawk’s detailed reviews of command, control, and communications plans mitigate safety risks, increase operational efficiency and create lasting legacies.  


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Venue Transport Management

With our broad experience in Venue Transport Management, Sparrowhawk has the expertise to plan and execute operations for the world’s most complex venues.


 Our “one-team” approach ensures that all service providers integrate seamlessly into a single, optimized delivery team. Services include parking and permitting plans, ingress and egress routing, load zone and transport hub design, and command and control programs.