Portrait of Will Arboleda

Disaster Transport Specialist

Will Arboleda

BA, Emergency Management, MPA, Management Operations

William began working on transportation and logistics for large-scale events over 20 years ago. He has worked events such as Democratic National Conventions, political campaigns, US Presidential Inaugurations, NFL Super Bowls, and the Olympic Games. He has also done advance for multiple Presidential campaigns. He took a break from events to return to school, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Emergency Management from John Jay College and a Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in operations and management from John Jay as well.

William served as a Logistics consultant for the New York City Office of Emergency Management. As part of a working group, he crafted and designed the Shelter Support Logistics Plan, which was implemented during Hurricane Sandy to distribute equipment and supplies to all shelters in New York City. William also worked in the Emergency Operations Center supporting Logistics Staging Area functions during activation.

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