Portrait of Tarra Sachedina

Administration Angel

Tarra Sachedina

Director of Administration & Special Projects

How many people can lead a bus operation, manage huge budgets with extreme skill, and teach a yoga class – all in one day? Only one that we know – and she does it all with a zen-like attitude and a Cheshire-cat smile.  Tarra’s dedication to SHK’s projects often finds her without sleep, but rarely without patience to tackle a problem or support a team member.

Tarra has been instrumental in planning and delivering transport services at numerous NFL Super Bowls and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games as well as multiple BET Music Awards Shows and annual Clinton Global Initiative conferences. She is also responsible for the overall yearly management and coordination of the spectator shuttle operations for the National Football League’s Arizona Cardinals games in Glendale AZ.

Tarra specializes in drilling down into the detail of operational planning and working closely with clients, local authorities, and organizing committees to integrate multiple perspectives into sound operations. Her specialties include government partner integration, contract negotiation, staff and volunteer recruitment, training, and engagement, as well as accreditation at high-profile, high-security events. Tarra is known for her diplomacy and her attention to the multiple elements that factor into a successful event transportation operation.

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