Portrait of Jerry Coleman

Ops Guru

Jerry Coleman

Vice President, Operations

Jerry’s incredibly flexible personality, coupled with his willingness to take on any project, has helped him rise to the top of the mega-event industry.  Jerry is a high-energy, can-do manager with extreme abilities in organization, strategy and in building team loyalty. He inevitably becomes the “Rock” of any operation his is tasked with.  Jerry’s extracurricular interests include sport, rapid-speed household work, and playing bongos and piano with his three young children.

With more than 20 years of major event transportation planning and operational experience, Jerry excels in organizing and managing labor-intensive programs and projects. This includes budget administration, strategic planning, staffing, and operational implementation. As Venue Transportation Manager for such events as the 1996 Centennial and Paralympic Summer Olympic Games, Women’s World Cup Soccer and the World University Games, he has managed group budgets, coordinated crucial planning, established motor pools, recruited, trained, supervised both paid and volunteer staff, and developed operational policies and procedures. In addition, Jerry has coordinated logistics with major corporate sponsors such as General Motors, Nissan, and BMW to deliver, manage inventory, distribute and return over 6,000 vehicles utilized for the 1996 Olympic Games. This process also included vehicle database maintenance and management. Jerry has also organized and managed transportation services for emergency medical personnel in three states during Hurricane Katrina relief efforts for Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, DC. He managed fleet and ‘car‐service’ vehicles for VIPs, special guests and dignitaries for special events such as The Academy of Achievement, Democratic National Conventions and Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Inaugurations. Mr. Coleman currently serves as the Senior Manager of Olympic Spectator Experience for the London 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority, directing park-and-ride operations, customer booking system, call center operations, and spectator transport hubs at Olympic Park. He is a versatile, goal‐oriented and highly motivated team player with excellent organizational, communication and leadership skills. Jerry thrives in a fast‐paced operations work environment and understands the dynamics of teamwork to actualize schedules, timelines and objectives.

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