Portrait of Caroline Campbell

The Sparrow

Caroline Campbell

President & CEO

“Sparrow” lays the foundation for the Sparrowhawk team. Her ability to marry beauty with operations is both surprising and unique. Her vision for Sparrowhawk has grown a company that reflects her love of the artistic and commitment to excellence. Whether guiding the branding team or hosting her legendary soirées for the Ops Teams, Caroline expands Sparrowhawk’s network through a tireless pursuit of aesthetic and cutting edge operations. Sparrow’s other passions include equestrian training and competition, fine food, music, and her hard-core yoga practice.

Ms. Campbell brings an extensive experience in non-profit leadership, organizational development, and project management. She specializes in integrating practical operational requirements with strong governance practices and is known for her sound analysis of the unique challenges faced by organizing committees. She has long pioneered operational integration between organizing committees and the various private and governmental stakeholders with a great legacy of success.

Her event management background has included VIP Protocol, Media Relations, Sponsorship & Marketing, Government Relations, Volunteer Management and Transportation. Clients include multiple Olympic Games Organizing Committees, the National Football League, Presidential Inaugural Committee, Democratic National Committee and the US Department of Health & Human Services. Ms. Campbell designed and implemented the Venue Infrastructure Command Centre for the Vancouver Olympic Games; which became central command for the Overlay, Energy Services, Signage, Look, Environmental Management and Safety functions during 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games operations. Most recently, Sparrow supported her team in the successful visit from Pope Francis to Philadelphia.

Sparrow is currently engaged with support of key clients such as Live Nation, HIPICO Santa Fe and the International Folk Art Alliance. Her commitment to community is expressed in Sparrowhawk’s values, and it’s history of humanitarian giving in every project location.

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