SPARROWHAWK provides end-to-end SOLUTIONS for multi-venue MEGA-EVENTS,
leading the international event industry in INNOVATION and EXPERTISE.

Who We Are

Sparrowhawk provides the most effective EVENT MANAGEMENT services and solutions in the Major Event industry, excelling in QUALITY, INNOVATION, and VALUE.

Sparrowhawk is dedicated to delivering SUPERIOR EXPERIENCES for our clients, lasting SUCCESS for our PARTNERS, exceptional PROFESSIONAL opportunities for our team, and to the wellbeing of the COMMUNITIES we operate in.

Our Core Principals

Safety and Security

Our primary concern is the safety and security of our clients, staff and the general public. Our knowledge of and adherence to all regulatory requirements ensures the safest possible operating environment while mitigating clients’ operational risk and financial exposure.


We maximize all available resources and limit overbuilt systems and workforce teams, ensuring highly efficient operations


To be successful, event staff must be able to adapt to a complex and fluid environment. Our operators are able to foresee issues and develop successful contingency plans.

Service Excellence

We focus on the end-to-end client experience, striving to achieve the highest level of service possible within budgetary and logistical constraints.

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The Team

Portrait of Caroline Campbell

The Sparrow

Caroline Campbell

President & CEO

“Sparrow” lays the foundation for the Sparrowhawk team. Her ability to marry beauty with operations is both surprising and unique. Her vision for Sparrowhawk has grown a company that reflects her love of the artistic and commitment to excellence. Whether guiding the branding team or hosting her legendary soirées for the Ops Teams, Caroline expands Sparrowhawk’s network through a tireless pursuit of aesthetic and cutting edge operations. Sparrow’s other passions include equestrian training and competition, fine food, music, and her hard-core yoga practice.

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Portrait of James Campbell

The Regulator

James Campbell

Chief Operations Strategist

James has more than twenty years of experience managing large, complex events including multiple Summer and Winter Olympic Games, numerous NFL Super Bowls, major US party political conventions, Presidential Inaugurations and the recent 2015 US Papal Visit for the World Meeting of Families. His breadth of experience includes many facets of event operations such as Transportation, Security, Venue Management, Accreditation and Accommodations.

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Portrait of Jerry Coleman

Ops Guru

Jerry Coleman

Vice President, Operations

Jerry’s incredibly flexible personality, coupled with his willingness to take on any project, has helped him rise to the top of the mega-event industry. Jerry is a high-energy, can-do manager with extreme abilities in organization, strategy and in building team loyalty. He inevitably becomes the “Rock” of any operation his is tasked with. Jerry’s extracurricular interests include sport, rapid-speed household work, and playing bongos and piano with his three young children.

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Portrait of Ian Stent

The Wingman

Ian Stent

Director of Business Development UK

Ian’s experience in the Event Industry includes Venue Operations, Arrival and Departures, and Logistical Operations.

With a strong background in sales and event management, including Winter and Summer Olympic Games and
World Championships, Ian has forged lasting relationships throughout the event world.

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Portrait of Tarra Sachedina

Administration Angel

Tarra Sachedina

Director of Administration & Special Projects

How many people can lead a bus operation, manage huge budgets with extreme skill, and teach a yoga class – all in one day? Only one that we know – and she does it all with a zen-like attitude and a Cheshire-cat smile. Tarra’s dedication to SHK’s projects often finds her without sleep, but rarely without patience to tackle a problem or support a team member.

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Portrait of Marlo Maroon

The Charmer

Marlo Maroon

Operations Manager

Watch out for Marlo’s charm – it’s genuine – and she marries it with outstanding operational instincts and strong leadership ability. Growing up on a farm with over 300 head of animals in rural New Mexico, Marlo developed an unmatchable work ethic from an early age. Marlo is awe-inspiring on skis. To see her ski is to understand who she is: Nimble, aggressive, daring, talented and decisive.

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Paul Woodson Portrait


Paul Woodson

Special Events Logistics

Paul Woodson is a logistics, transportation and management professional for major special events and incidents with 25 years’ experience. He has worked some of the highest profile disasters, events, and conferences in the world, involving the most complex logistics and transportation challenges. He spent much of his career working for governmental organizations or on government related projects around the world.

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Portrait of Will Arboleda

Disaster Transport Specialist

Will Arboleda

BA, Emergency Management, MPA, Management Operations

William began working on transportation and logistics for large-scale events over 20 years ago. He has worked events such as Democratic National Conventions, political campaigns, US Presidential Inaugurations, NFL Super Bowls, and the Olympic Games. He has also done advance for multiple Presidential campaigns. He took a break from events to return to school, earning

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Studious Falcon

Shaheen Rassoul

Project Manager

Shaheen makes his home in Santa Fe New Mexico but hails from the mountains of Afghanistan. Named after the Afghan peregrine falcon, he is a natural fit for the Sparrowhawk nest. Shaheen’s expertise in complex logistics and transport began as a youth, when his mother, a pioneer in Santa Fe’s international ethnic art scene, entrusted

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The Consigliere

Albert Rago

General Counsel

Al’s passion for literature has him currently reading the top ten novels written worldwide – “the rank of which is debatable but the content is not,” he finds. “The Russians will love this project,” Al goes on, “as many of the best are theirs.” An avid cook, Al also enjoys boating, and travel. He can often be found taking calls from his boat while fishing for flounder or crabbing near Atlantic City, NJ. Al’s lifelong study of politics, world history, and current affairs informs his approach to his life and work.

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Detail Queen

Martha McGowan-Crea

Vice President, Operations

Nothing gets past Martha, a (self-proclaimed) bus-obsessed, no-nonsense expert whose ability to drill into the fine print of planning and delivery has won her many accolades on the most complex of event operations. Perhaps her childhood need for speed — racing the go-carts she built with her brothers and father — foreshadowed her career in Event Transport. Martha enjoys running, skiing, and spending time with her young son.

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Serious Business

Cynthya Tan

Graphic Designer

Don’t mess with Cynthya. Cynthya is a herculean graphic design veteran. Give her a crayon and she’ll draft you a masterpiece. With 10 years in the design business and extensive pre-press experience with clients ranging from SMBs to multi-nationals, Cynthya produces brand-conscious artwork ranging from identity packages and logo development to extremely large format branding. She is driven by the desire to explore creative solutions to brand and identity design challenges and push the limits of client expectations.

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The Connectionist

Priti Mehta

Physical accessibility consultant

A New Jersey native, Priti is Sparrowhawk’s physical accessibility consultant. Priti has worked with the disability community since 2005 and in particular has focused on improving the day to day quality of life for people living with disabilities. Priti has managed Sparrowhawk’s social media presence for the 2013 Presidential Inauguration as well as the 2013

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