International Folk Art Market

In the ten+ years of the Market, each year more visitors have been drawn to Museum Hill to participate in an exchange of riches. From a local tradition to the global stage, from limited resources to economic empowerment and sustainable income, the work of art is represented here through Market artists. That is the work you join in with your support.

Here are highlights from 2014:





10th Anniversary 2013 Market Highlights

  • More than $2.7 million dollars of folk art was purchased in twenty-one hours! That is an increase of nearly 10%.
  • Average booth sales were $18,916. Each artist takes home 90% of these sales.
  • For most artists, that income represents 10 times more than they would earn in a year at home.
  • Over 20,000 visitors gathered in celebration of folk art representing excellence and authenticity—a 7% increase over last year.
  • The Market’s first publication, The Work of Art: Folk Artists in the 21st Century, by Carmella Padilla if you missed it, you can still get your copy online by clicking here or visiting
  • An estimated 5,000 people joined in welcoming artists at the Community Celebration at the Santa Fe Railyard! The artist procession, demonstrations, kite flying by Market artist Mikio Toki, and local food trucks were enjoyed by all. The evening’s free concert was outstanding, and our supporters danced the night away celebrating the Market’s 10th Anniversary.
  • The Lensic hosted our Market week concert featuring the Festival au Desert: Caravan for Peace. The sold out audience was treated to music new to many. A highlight that evening was when Market artists Moussa Albaka and Elhadji Koumama danced onstage to the music of their culture.
  • Though clouds loomed, the Market’s Opening Party was the best yet! The sold out event hosted 1,600 guests who dined on international cuisine and signature cocktails.
  • The Market stage was incredible! Market goers were often seen swaying to the beat, circling around the dancing dragon, and clapping for more! Cuba’s TradiSon was welcomed back to the Market with huge crowds. It was impossible not to feel the rhythm.