Firm continues commitment to “giving back” to communities


SANTA FE, NM – July 24, 2013 – Global event management firm Sparrowhawk donated world-class transportation services for the 10th Annual International Folk Art Market here, ensuring the event’s more than 20,000 visitors enjoyed the festivities in ease and style.

To keep things running smoothly — from the opening party on Friday to Sunday’s early morning shopping to the market’s closing on Sunday afternoon – Sparrowhawk recruited and trained local staff and brought in a dozen of their own professional event managers, from as far away as New York.

The Market, which takes place on Santa Fe’s Museum Hill, enables artists and shoppers alike a point of connection in an increasingly globalized world. The International Folk Art Market celebrated its 10th anniversary by bringing together more than 190 artists from every corner of the globe for a vast and colorful international bazaar.

Based in Santa Fe, Sparrowhawk provides services for mega-events around the

world, including Summer and Winter Olympic Games, Super Bowls, Democratic National Conventions and Presidential Inaugurations. Most recently the husband-and-wife-led team transported more than one million spectators at the 2013 London Olympic Games. Sparrowhawk also designed parking and permitting for the Olympics — no simple task in a city whose roadways date back

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two millennia.

Sparrowhawk loves an opportunity to give back. “Our passion for our work and our love for Santa Fe made donating our time and resources to the International Folk Art Market an opportunity we couldn’t resist,” explained Caroline Campbell, Sparrowhawk’s CEO. “I founded Sparrowhawk in order to realize some lofty ideals: to establish a legacy of project excellence and innovation to events around the world — all while keeping our roots in New Mexico. The mission of the International Folk Art Market –- to foster economic and cultural sustainability for folk artists and create cultural exchange — is strongly aligned with Sparrowhawk’s values. The Market has an incredibly positive impact in so many communities, many of them in developing countries, where the artists and their families face daunting political and economic challenges. The Market’s power to empower communities economically and improve quality of life for so many is truly amazing.”

Sparrowhawk maintains a commitment to the communities it touches around the globe. Sparrowhawk Academy helps event workers learn how to plan and deliver operations and find lasting employment in the event management industry. “A major part of Sparrowhawk’s mission is to give back,” Campbell said.

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