Reflections from Inauguration 2013

As I sit in my seat flying back home, the exhaustion begins to set in. I breathe in slowly letting the experiences of our last project replay in my mind. Like every event, I am filled with gratitude and pride at being able to be part of such an exciting world.

Where else can you show up in an unfamiliar city with a new task at hand and be greeted by old and new friends? Instantly the camaraderie is formed as we all work towards a common goal…moving people.

Early mornings place us out in the dark cold waiting for the first buses to arrive. Late nights find us in the middle of streets directing traffic. At the end of a long day we find our friends back at the hotel. Like a moth to the flame, we are all drawn to this life.

A particular memory which comes to mind is handling the final move of the inauguration; Prayer service at the National Cathedral. Despite the frigid temperatures, our staff and the volunteers assigned to us worked with smiles on their faces helping to direct traffic, and manage the flow of people going to and then from the Cathedral. It was a long time for us to all be outside on “the curb” and we were all pretty cold (some of us more than others). When the service was ended and everyone was gone, we all felt such a sense of accomplishment at being involved with the entire process and being part of a bigger picture.

From my 30,000 foot view I breathe in a sense of fulfillment and achievement with the successful conclusion of the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. As I exhale I count our many good fortunes; wheels on the buses turned, people were transported, the pieces fit together like an intricate jigsaw puzzle. With a smile on my face, I fall asleep, knowing that soon we all will return to the frenzy and heat of the light we long for.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!